Saturday, October 15, 2011

We arrived via moon we will leave via moon

We came to this planet via a (the?) moon, most likely, if it were a project of an organized sort, space farmers from the heavens above, with power over space and time, gods in the sky.

We will, says Revelations, leave via a moon of sorts, the measurement of the new Jerusalem given in stadia of man, ultimately calculations showing a mass near that of the moon of earth.

Maybe this would be a suitable cloak, like Arthur Clarke suggested in elegance in his novels.

And then what, fly around forever?  No it is the Ark, too.

We will go the a new heaven and a new earth, the morning star.  How to colonize Venus?  Archaens can fix the carbon and fattening skies drop forming matted oceanic substrate, the problem of one face always presenting sunward solved by introduction of said moon?  Perhaps...

Who knows but the dreamer dreams after the Dreams of the Dreamer

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