Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Antichrist in Hollywood: 4400

After watching 3 seasons of "The 4400" I was distressed to see yet another antichrist in Hollywood drama.
Obviously a take on the 144000 of Revelation the show spins up an array of supernatural people set to rule the world by force.  Their leader is Jordan Collier (note 'JC'), who, as predicted in the Bible, gets killed and comes back to life.  His new image is exactly the type of fraud people will fall for, beard and long hair.  The only problem is, Mr. Collier is a lawless man.  He is a fornicator, as established in the first season.  He lies.  He is a murderer.  He is a thief.  He also charges money for one of his proteges to heal the sick.  He also lives an opulent lifestyle and has political ambitions.  The show is clearly trying to prepare those who are unfamiliar with Scripture for such an antichrist...

Sadly people will fall for this type of superficial presentation.  There is a former traffic policeman from Russia who has tens of thousands of followers in Siberia, his main claim to fame, apparently just the 'look' - beard, long hair and a robe.  Scripture warns many false prophets will come in the end, even claiming to be Messiah.  But He will come as lightning in the sky, and we are not to seek him in secret rooms, or in the desert.  The dead will rise when Jesus returns.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don't swallow

As a parent I recently read that toothpaste is dangerous, and this concerned me.  Really dangerous.  A 3-year-old reportedly swallowed a pea-sized dollop of paste and later died in the ER.  The acidity of fluoride is too powerful, yet the makers know kids will use it more often if the flavour is like bubble gum.

It got me thinking then, if ulcers are so common, could it be due to the minute amounts of ingested toothpaste which slowly act on the mucosal lining of the stomach over years?  Not long ago a doctor astonished medical science by proving many stomach problems are due to a simple bacterium, H. Pylori.  The makers of proton-pump inhibitors keep much of the medical community in the dark still but I can happily report that after telling my physician straight up, give me the antibiotics, my heartburn is gone for good.

But if the picture is complicated by fluoride in toothpaste, beware... don't swallow even the littlest bit after brushing.  Rinse well! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Threads of Reality

What is reality?  If you follow the Bible it seems there is more going on around us than meets the eye... angels surrounded Elisha and his servant but they were only made visible after prayer for revelation.  Quantum physics postulates a universe of infinite possibilities, where an electron has a chance to be at the far reaches of the galaxy.

What is free will, what is determinism?  Are these only compatible in a multiverse, with the soul surfing along one of an infinity of equally-'real' paths?  And what does it matter which way we go?

We read in Scripture that what we do will be made plain in the light of day, that day that is Jesus Christ revealed.  Some will have wood, hay or stubble burned away to reveal gold, silver and precious gems, works of love done in faith.  Others may not enter into the realm of eternity at all, having preferred to live in darkness whilst the light of life was held out day by day, moment by moment.

Often one feels as if one is being nudged along, guided to a righteous path, both in the action of the rational mind, or the conscience, as well as in circumstance which seems beyond the ordinary.  Deja vu, divine appointments, miracles take place every day, if we would take the cues offered to us.

Amidst the chaos there is a still, silent voice, prompting us 'this is the way, go in it'.