Friday, September 30, 2011

Not what is happening with us, as the debate between Luther and Catholic scholars goes, not to look merely at the man and see if the coating of grace effaces the sloppy soul underneath - gold-covered turds some said once.

No, the question itself must go further, one cannot answer whether the soul itself is changed and changing through ongoing conversion and grace intermixed with primitive learning energies called will and mind and freedom until one sees what exactly happened at the cross.

Did Jesus merely put on the guise of taking our sin, or did he actually -ghastly thought- become a sinner?

It may seem like semantics, no, to say such words without context.  parse with me briefly.  Look here, there is a stain on your soul, you unregenerate, living in the filth of your ancestry.                          

But what, flesh is made by spirit spoken into existence at the dawn...

If Jesus did not become a sinner (or sin itself), then we are merely turds disguised in manipulations of biblical text spawned for a moment, capable of such atrocity because we have failed to live the command - LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR!

But if he did, truly became sin itself, the holy father truly had to look away and then the son fell to hell itself, but there seeing in himself and in those gathered there in masses stricken, the light shone on and on and on...

"Come with me!" he broke in, let us go and see the world outside these caves!  You are living shadows, the reality of your self is in the light, full-grown and capable like the day you were made in the plan above and beyond, for all time and all times.

Have a crumb.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kekule, eureka

In mapping the brain, scientists suggested that topographically, body parts can be related most intimately.

One might ask along a sort of Eastern trajectory of thought, whether it may be worth mapping out similar relations to other paired structures in the body?

For example, the lungs.  Shrink them a bit, compact into cranium and you have a brain, no less,. with various regions, folds and lobelets.

How would one tag a molecule, insert it into a lobe and then use imaging to see where it ends up, lobelet by lobelet, may there be a pattern, none, is it worth finding out, to sharpen our focus in targeted therapeutics?

So too with kidneys, ovaries, testicles, all paired structures.  One might look for specific vessels going to and fro between specimens, has one begun charting this network of nervelets, venules and arterioles?

What experiment could help delineate this, one would start with the friendly dog I imagine...

Medicine for thought...

Friday, September 9, 2011

No SOund?

Those who will not listen
claim there is

                                                                  no sound

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Graph This!

One wonders if the collapsing economy may be in part due to the shift from commercial-heavy traditional cable television-based entertainment patterns to internet-based ones, where streamlining extra content is an art, if not a survival token.

Thus, if Fred Banes is not watching "Crumbs" or whatever his favorite show is this month on Fox via Cogeco, he is more than likely watching the last three episodes on the internet, without ads (he larges the video box).

So the less ads Fred sees, the less he buys, the less the economy churns on...