Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wormholes, Black Holes, Phasing

If one were to develop a theorem of black holes, and if one assumed that singularities permit crossing of the time barrier, then a mathematics describing the difference between what is on this side of the wormhole versus the other side might involve using phases.

One might imagine whatever is on this side of the wormhole is blue.  On the other side is red.  Does time flow backwards in red-space, is the gravitational constant different?  Imagining things as being in different phases makes approaching the problem conceptually easier.  Otherwise one might fall into the error of trying to fit that side of the black hole into this phase's physics, likely not permitted by nature.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yogis drank urine to test for hyperglycemia!

Inasmuch as we believe that priests of the ancient religions acted in part out of hygienic concerns, one questions the practice of drinking urine, as the Hindu Yogis did (do?).  Yet when examined in the light of autoregulation, the very act served as a proxy for prediabetic and diabetics on an unconscious level.  Sweet urine, don't drink as many easy calories, or eat as much.  Thank God it's sterile!

Yusuf (aka Cat Stevens)... Undercover for Christ or MI6?

Clearly the bard has grown a set of affections to mask a cover, the post-coldwar leaving him ample breathing room to speak more clearly if not about the actual truth of Jesus at least in his moderating way, serving as a marker towards reform.

The heart of course knows the man who sang moonshadow was prophesying his own future... hopefully he uses his public platform more directly for Jesus if and when he is able.

Power to you Moses-Yusuf. Law, conviction and redemption... A B C

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aliens are Our Future Selves!

As we are seeking the solution to time travel, and as our artists are canvassing the mass elation of such an eventuality and as the things often dreamt about in such a manner are realized by virtue of being fed to infants and brought to fruition by their children and assumed by their grandchildren, aliens are indeed from the future and they are our own children!

If any of you out there recall that singularities are the current best bet, don't try making one in your own garage... unless of course you get the proper papers first!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EM stimulus

If passing a current across the brain can stimulate the brain of test subjects driving up concentration and test scores measurably improved as a result, one might wonder if the poor trailer park folk who live by power lines may not be getting a boost to make them think better and thus improve their lot, raising the valley like moldy bread during the plague.

Keep them lights on!

Red Moon Rising

Japan surrenders read the headlines. A moment not remembered in western media.  The greatest terrorist act in human history, America nukes civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Japan builds revenge by selling deadly household items like televisions and microwaves, causing untold havoc and cancer in the unsuspecting populace.  Revenge is sweet says the inner script of the Pale Rider.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Millionth Man on the Moon

Since I can't be the first I would however like to be the millionth man on the moon.

I may enjoy dining on the moon eating moon burgers and drinking my moonshake, all grown on the moon with moon greens adapted to 2-week long stretches of sunlight.

I will call my children from the moon on my moon holotalk, The as-yet unterraformed moon folk will dwell under a system of moon bunkers, cavemen if you will, so as to be shielded from space rays.

I may, God willing even visit the moon clinic and listen to a lecture on moon hypnotherapy, as it will be obvious that light G would be optimal for the aged and the weary.

But after a moonday or two I may catch the moonride back to Terra, but not without a few snapshots of my second favorite planet, V.

Sexy Chuck Technology Suck

Too often violence slips past coated in eye-candies and flimsy swaggle (comedy?)...

Season 4 of the infamous Chuck is decked out with tens of thousands in tech junk but one must ask why is the byline leading perilously to microchip implantation?  Hand - scanning spies friendly stars retinal ID what is it but a slow dance of the Mark of the Beast?

Wake up friends! This white horse has a rider and it's NOT Jesus... no Messiah requires a computer implanted in his head.

All you surface nerds out there pay heed - this is not a video game, full immersion is not the swan song, impersonators are easy to spot - the thread is always red with violence.

WHo lives by the sword...

The Truth is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts

Even in Gigaverse one would have to admit living principle causally related is precedent - it is obvious, as the classicos would have it.

The conductor draws out the music, played on the strumming of stars, smattered across to the sparrow's breast as it drives the winter to a close on its vast journey thru warm skies North, home to a nest unforgotten and community is reborn.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am not a politico by any stretch but if Kashmir wants to be independent, why don't they just buy their way out?  No doubt untold resources cashed in from the mountains could wield sufficient bakshish with government policy makers to have it so...

Better than a war anyway.

Vatican Accepts Aliens

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hypothyroidism related to Low-Salt Diets?

As Iodine has been added to modern diets in the form of iodized salt, one might ask whether the great increase in hypothyroidism of late (with synthroid prescriptions topping the charts last year) may in fact be a side effect of the iatrogenic push to reduce salt intake.

Heart patients, while rightly counseled to modify their lifestyles by physicians, may wish to seek out alternative sources for this essential mineral.  Good sources other than iodized salt include fish, eggs, cheese and other dairy products (e.g. evaporated milk).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Remove Recondition Reposition: Future of Tissue and Organ Therapy

What do we do when a faulty valve is removed? Usually after pathology, it is discarded and incinerated...

But what if this invaluable equipment, inasmuch as it is a perfectly integrated factory original, can be recycled?

While a person may sport a prosthetic for awhile, there may be potential to repair the broken part...

New tissue engineering methods permit induction of healing ... cytogenetic repair factors like the crystalloprotein matrix powder they get from pig parts (was it bladders they ground up?) that have been shown to successfully induce regeneration of lost fingertips in live human subjects.

Imagine a future when, as easy as the things kids do in a high school lab today, you remove a bad lung, placeholding it with an artificial say for three months or more, perhaps, before scarring occurs, or as long as it takes for tissue repair. Once the original is restored, pink as new, the mechanical lung is replaced with a genuine restored host part.

Less fussy than harvesting foreign organs with lifelong immunosuppression and cancer, infections, etc, etc.

Sunlight cures HSV

Exposure to UV-B disrupts viral DNA replication, higher rates ensuring maximal mutation for erupting cold sores... get some light on that!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shifting orbitals, ice age, pole reversal, galactic planar transit

Do we in fact have any good reason to think that the orbitals of planets do not change with time?  Have we sampled a large enough slice of history in our few decades of precision instrumentation to invalidate an hypothesis that ice ages may in fact be the result of enlarging distance from Sol?

Is it in our interest as a species in deed as guardian of terra to ignore this science?  We do in fact scan and study asteroids for near-earth collisions, govts planning how to deal with such a potentiality in our journey in this cosmic soup.

I say, spend a trillion dollars if it'll save our planet from ice age! Hey in fact burn down all the forests and burn all the fossil fuel cause th greenhouse is the only thing that'll keep us from getting caked in under a mile-thick (ten?) sheet of ice...

Id start by testing the basic assumptions, now deeply doubted, that orbitals are stable... remember they decided one solution to Jupiter-sized objects too near their parent star was orbital drift...

As we are now passing through the galactic plane there is sure to be a radical fuzz in the pull of nearby stars, it could cause a pole reversal, a wobble, who knows?

Where's a team of physicists when you need one?

Fear of Man aka Love of Mammon

There weer times in the past as we know from Bible teaching, when it was costly to speak of the Lord.
Even now there are filters in place (mailer-daemon?) to swath out, to lathe and carve into the flesh of His body wounds to devour the imagination...

So familiar are the easy speakers, second skin suffering suffocating in their own missed tribunals.
Neertheless He is Risen and to speak easily of grace is child's play, teasing apart meat from veg, thunder from dreggish labors.

Eyes above alors c'est nous ici enfin! l'eternite la gloire du Christ salut a vous aussi! Toujours tambien toujours de rien tu

Monday, February 7, 2011

How long is a Biblical Day?

In case you're a literalist wrt Gen. 1, here's one wacky possibility:

Note that Venus has one face always facing the sun. Perhaps in the past Earth was like Venus, and had only one face towards the sun. The rotation it has acquired today may have come only gradually, so in fact the saying may hold true, "A thousand years is like unto a day" (perhaps even a billion...?).

Einstein Vindicated

If one supposes that the electron mass is in fact variable depending on which orbital shell it occupies then we may draw more on Einstein's idea of mass-energy relativity.

The Bohr model is not lost at all; which way to measure then the electron mass again?  Milliken's oil-drop - a select sample with averaged resultats?  Why not work out an alternate subatomic model, not even too distant from quantized approaches?  Just more scaled, a sloping gradient lending itself to calculus for averages.

Stereo Orbit

Now that we can see the effects of coronal ejections on the atmosphere, we might well put the viral showering hypothesis into use.

If the close approximation of new flare activity sympathizes with the appearance of flu in variously dispersed populations, one might wonder if these are the very seeds from which life first began...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Transplant theorem

In order to get a perfect match for a failing organ, the donor's own tissue may be harvested and isolated for regenerative stimu8lation (in vitro or vivo).  Even pioneers of embryonic harvesting techniques have admitted that autologous skin cells may be mined for progenitor material. Application of specific growth environments may even cause regression in a tissue sample which then may be further guided to new tissue types.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

America is an Oligarchy

When I look at the stars on the American flag, I rejoice that the people may celebrate and even reward its best and brightest, whilst not forgetting the meek and the poor... at least within its own borders.

The challenge of the age is of course to extrapolate the greatness of the Greek model, democracy, without forgetting that 'citizens' were in fact a very small group of titularies, mainly men and certainly not the working class majority.

So if the privileged 1% which is America's best and brightest make policy by secret or open market voting, is it wrong to hope and pray that such greatness might in fact be made freely available to all earthians?