Monday, February 21, 2011

Millionth Man on the Moon

Since I can't be the first I would however like to be the millionth man on the moon.

I may enjoy dining on the moon eating moon burgers and drinking my moonshake, all grown on the moon with moon greens adapted to 2-week long stretches of sunlight.

I will call my children from the moon on my moon holotalk, The as-yet unterraformed moon folk will dwell under a system of moon bunkers, cavemen if you will, so as to be shielded from space rays.

I may, God willing even visit the moon clinic and listen to a lecture on moon hypnotherapy, as it will be obvious that light G would be optimal for the aged and the weary.

But after a moonday or two I may catch the moonride back to Terra, but not without a few snapshots of my second favorite planet, V.

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