Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Holy Conscience

If God be resident within the breast of believers then all is forgiven, only for the sake of conscience I will not grieve... is this a parrying-point, a rallying-cry exclusive to the lonely sinner?

Look on, then, and see what God has done in me and think that being thus renewed by new covenant not based on works of man but on love divine, offered free, what remains is but a nature given to gathering.

Sensitivity will not tread upon another's dread, and yet woven into this creed is a sort of guarantee that makes it thus kosher (to me), and this baing said I am free.

Apostolic see has decreed inviolable that which seems appliable to my circumstance as surely there is a fit to this set of nuances which formed my being and my reaction is thus geared in golden reason true for me (not too you?)...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Reflex: Test This!

I was massaging my head gently with my android radio tuned into BBC while strains of Prokofiev quieted my wisdom.  I noticed that at the top of my head (bottom of the egg) rotation of the android to the left or the right provided a good estimation of lateralization.  My right it seems is less sensitive than my left.

I assumed this might be a good way to detect class, if not type of hearing loss (mild, moderate, marked).

Then, moving down to my forehead, I did the same maneuver: turned to the right then the left, positioning the p[hone's speaker closer to the right or the left.  I noticed that on my left, which is more sensitive, the amplification of sound was accompanied by a facial tug, in me a raising of the eyebrows, which was larger on the left than a similar reflex on the right.  Video capture might be a good way to quantify this effect.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I dunno about apple stuff, I mean come on, retinal scan... wasn't it pingerprint scanning that led to the demise of ibm?

watch out, this little bumblebee wont fly past mr job's masonic floats.  puff...