Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Reflex: Test This!

I was massaging my head gently with my android radio tuned into BBC while strains of Prokofiev quieted my wisdom.  I noticed that at the top of my head (bottom of the egg) rotation of the android to the left or the right provided a good estimation of lateralization.  My right it seems is less sensitive than my left.

I assumed this might be a good way to detect class, if not type of hearing loss (mild, moderate, marked).

Then, moving down to my forehead, I did the same maneuver: turned to the right then the left, positioning the p[hone's speaker closer to the right or the left.  I noticed that on my left, which is more sensitive, the amplification of sound was accompanied by a facial tug, in me a raising of the eyebrows, which was larger on the left than a similar reflex on the right.  Video capture might be a good way to quantify this effect.

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