Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little things

I have been thinking about the little things in life a bit more lately. It suits me to be at home and to work at my own pace, with wonder peering up at the world, often a step ahead of my awarenesses. Two kids in tow – a good start to any day, lots to catch up on each day.
I am working on my tech savvy, wondering if the iphone 4 with video conferencing makes data king, after all. And thinking that, what the hey, throw in an ipad (or ifad if you please) I lull about the latest fount of wisdom concocted by man in his quest to be distracted from inner savagery.

Today, in the garden, I was captivated by a strange colony of what appeared to be caterpillars in a cocoon, spanning the edges of my wife's prized weeping mulberry. Observation, the key passed on to us as foundational to hypothesis and conjecture, Aristotle would have it. And what a myriad of mannerisms and types were there, ready to be indexed, analyzed, sorted and spindled out for others to share on cell cam.

Treasures in heaven.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Watching, Watched

Independent learning – not as bad as it seemed when I was younger and more necessary of late. Sifting through various streams of data, layers of common science fleeting and touchstone-like in quality – I hang there between the paragraphs. Halfway through Cecil's it seems a hard thing to press on, some subspecialties not quite ringing a familiar clinical bell. Articles gleaned while pacing the hall on off hours seem the proper program for a man wearing multiple hats.
I have been trying to get a subscription to Up-to-Date. Queen's residents are given a school license (!). After mucking about in other online sources like eMedicine, to which my former Family Medicine preceptor referred in defiance of the Wikipedia trend of neophytes like me, I have been gleaning through various information providers like Skyscape, who charge a per-text usage fee. But when it came down to reading a meaningful piece on PFO, which my son has been charged with, I found the depth of Up-to-Date reassuring.
Now to fine-tune my outward signs of not texting during rounds etc. Do I log into Up-to-Date at a convenient terminal for others to look in over my shoulder? What if I have a patient in my peripheral monitoring and I am pacing the hall for some air momentarily? Might I not apply my finger to my touchscreen and flip through the latest evidence-based guidelines? Perhaps this is foreign to some but with IBM's medbot on the horizon, I am steered back to grow more in the gestalt through gathering of thread.

Monday, July 11, 2011

What's the Crime in Love?

Love from across the table or in the room seems so commonplace that we secure ourselves to its steely grin and grip the rails and we descend to the underbelly of reason.  But fragrant there, what whiff of air, of peace and non-betrayal?  Not here your drops of teary gift not now your ensconc'ed writ - not that unsacred lit.

If God be perventure there then season't with elonic ale and graft it on to your display that grace is grace yet greas'd i may unfit for seasoning and share a fit of grace often hardened it.

What princes seal their fate anon and kindling deeper deeper don their frailties in an hour and fright destroyed defend the light