Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Colonization: Venus

To stabilize Venus biosphere, a large planetoid could be introduced into the system, which would set the planet moving in a different spin.  Normally, Venus has one face always facing the sun which causes superheating ... one imagines this is a major contributor to the nearly 500 degree lead-melting surface temp.

Another hope is that any flora inhabiting the clouds successfully integrate new DNA(?) allowing them to multiply and dwell at lower and lower heights (current estimates range from 30-40 km above surface for archaeans).  This obviously pulls down more and more carbon and the greenhouse effect gets slowly tempered.  As water is held in greater and greater amounts in cytoplasmata  oceans are formed with microenvironments merging.

The gravity is already comparable to this earth's so why not plan a colony someday?

Friday, December 24, 2010

eclipses and coronae

The recent conjunction of a lunar eclipse with a winter solstice, the last such occurrence taking place 372 years ago, allowed some scientists to view the earth's bioprint as they studied the fluctuations in the shadow it cast on our nearest astral neighbour.

This might lead one to search for similar flux in distant stars, as proxies for habitable (M class in any case) worlds.  For example, if one watched the corona of Arcturus for a century, one could mark the transit of various objects should these fall in the same plane as ours.  A stemming question would be, do the orbitals of other systems follow the galactic plane?  This would be a most useful thing to check in our proposed study.

Other activity around the corona might include the space traffic of more intelligent life forms, which may be more erratic than a simple elliptical orbit.  The corona of the star would presumably be a place where such transits would be more highly discernible, as the background is in the twilight between the blazing more central regions, and the vast blackness beyond.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gigaverse Theorem: Mass Increases with Time

Theorem: The universe is expanding, its mass is too.

Proponents of Big Bang often miss the obvious solution to the mass problem. Some call on dark matter or other mysteries to fill the void.  Far from such ethers lies a simple solution, one which integrates higher-order structure and proposes a simple and obvious mechanism.

Let's assume for a minute that what lies at the centre of our galaxy is super-massive, perhaps a black hole>  Or, could it be a wormhole, which links different universes together, sort of a Gigaverse.

It's like a spider spinning out a web, the Milky Way, throwing out stars at the event horizon and perhaps even pulling things in, as Hawking proposes. What experiment or observation could be helpful in assessing the hypothesis?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Focus B Moons etc.

Focus B let's call it for future discussions, apparently forms a nexus of forces intersecting in opposition to Sol. The most interesting fact I could spot on a table of eccentricities is the fact the Venus has a near-circular orbit (with no moons) while Earth has eccentricity (with a relatively large moon).  Thus we can simply adhere to the sum-of-forces calculus.  There are surely programmers out there building matrices for such models.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Atrial Fibrillation POsitive?

Could atrial fibrillation serve a useful purpose? What if microscopic invaders can be shorn by the motion? What type of study could be designed around this problem>?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Wealth of Nations, Part 2

The true cornerstone of any future economy will of necessity require profit sharing.  Not like the days of old, we extract it, we own it or tax it.  No, if we are to be responsible for the future generations in proper form it must be a Green model and a red model.  For they are us in situ.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To Space!

With nuclear nations turning to space, entrepreneurs steel themselves to ride into the century poised to catch a piece of the pie... spaceports in New Mexico, Near-Earth Object monitoring/harvesting, moon options and futures, shareholders of the dream, unite!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cosmic Soup

Have u heard the theory that colds sweep over the earth not only due to rapid vectors within biosphere, but because viroid particles shower the earth continually?

From outer space, yes!

Think about it, we could send a satellite to collect space gas (use a collecting surface hospitable to such) and verify the theorem.

What if we are swimming in a vast ocean of life... the seeding theory expanded (not only comets but all of space teeming with space's most hardy voyagers, micro-organisms).

The question arises of course, if these clouds of space-colonizers are everywhere, they'd have to be proof that life generates life.  Some succeed in leaving the womb and go forth on intra and intergalactic voyages settling wherever conditions permit.  Ingenious, these primitives nonetheless carry that fundamental script or some variant qualifying it as self-replicating, even adaptive.  Engaged with the materials on the new terras, these archeae begin to form mergers, colonies specializing in the collective.  Each native soil plays a different theme, resulting in an infinity of scenarios and symphonies, filling the vast unknown skies with music.

If one moves the analysis back, the question poses itself... where did these spacefarers arise?  As it may for no other reason than intuition be that the galactic core is older than the rim that speciation must have begun there.  It is exactly as Sid Meier would have it in his imaginarium computer game, SPORE.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Equipoint Focus Theorem 1.1

Why is the shape of the planterary orbitals ellipsoid?  I haven't read this anywhere yet but if u have let me in on it...

The problem of course is this:

If the circle as Greeks thought is not the actual orbital shape as determined by lengthy and precise measurements then what is at the other focus, with Sol in the obvious seat as local Gentry?

If the planets tho near be summed they ought not exert such disproportionate force on the system although equipoint theory is birthed at the inquiry of such matters.

What then?  The other focus will certainly be determined by the inverse law of gravity, Newton's data pending.  So we hunt for larger folks nearby...  Alpha Centauri field stirs a movement, budging us - "Move over!"

The others chime in, one by one : Barnard's, Wolf, Lalonde... each throwing its weight into the equipoint, a sum total of all the surrounding matter in the universe, accounted for by weight, distance and other as-yet undefinable variables.

The aha moment comes when we inquire as to the usefulness of defining this point and sending someone over to have a peep at it... measure time and space fluctuations, send back imaging of any equipoint matrix technology, tokens from the universe ahead in light and yearning to be one in kingnesses...

Sagan in Contact dreamed it for us, may we go forth in the name of the Maker to see what's there at the rim.