Saturday, December 4, 2010

Equipoint Focus Theorem 1.1

Why is the shape of the planterary orbitals ellipsoid?  I haven't read this anywhere yet but if u have let me in on it...

The problem of course is this:

If the circle as Greeks thought is not the actual orbital shape as determined by lengthy and precise measurements then what is at the other focus, with Sol in the obvious seat as local Gentry?

If the planets tho near be summed they ought not exert such disproportionate force on the system although equipoint theory is birthed at the inquiry of such matters.

What then?  The other focus will certainly be determined by the inverse law of gravity, Newton's data pending.  So we hunt for larger folks nearby...  Alpha Centauri field stirs a movement, budging us - "Move over!"

The others chime in, one by one : Barnard's, Wolf, Lalonde... each throwing its weight into the equipoint, a sum total of all the surrounding matter in the universe, accounted for by weight, distance and other as-yet undefinable variables.

The aha moment comes when we inquire as to the usefulness of defining this point and sending someone over to have a peep at it... measure time and space fluctuations, send back imaging of any equipoint matrix technology, tokens from the universe ahead in light and yearning to be one in kingnesses...

Sagan in Contact dreamed it for us, may we go forth in the name of the Maker to see what's there at the rim.

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