Friday, November 25, 2011


there were horrible places in the earth ive seen
where rivers of blood ran green
where floods dismayed reason as though
to speak a name were treason o!

yet here on this pasture fair
now gathered lord with you ere
what seemed powerful pales in truth
nothing then but the bitterest root

nothing then could call that ill
nay not till caverns scorned are filled
with promise of deliverance
light a torch for littluns

those spayed by torture limb from limb
crimeless, cryless victim?
a soul formed in its mother's womb
now made to screamless tomb

i will not said i
not stand by
while unspeakable horrors claim my kin
even this the littlest un/

Saturday, November 5, 2011

paradoxical primitive shiver

have you ever seen someone who was burning up with fever say they were freezing?  dig a little and see, this is a primitive reflex acting at the most central level of the nervous system, it cannot be simply paradoxical, it has the value of causing the infected host to find a warmer environment to cook the bugs just a bit more, outside their preferred range ...  throw a blanket on and turn up the heat! dont give anti-inflammatories unless you have a specific pathogen with a specific antibiotic - the body and the mind are coordinating seamlessly in your patient in an adaptive fashion to save the host from worse harm in a cold place!