Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little things

I have been thinking about the little things in life a bit more lately. It suits me to be at home and to work at my own pace, with wonder peering up at the world, often a step ahead of my awarenesses. Two kids in tow – a good start to any day, lots to catch up on each day.
I am working on my tech savvy, wondering if the iphone 4 with video conferencing makes data king, after all. And thinking that, what the hey, throw in an ipad (or ifad if you please) I lull about the latest fount of wisdom concocted by man in his quest to be distracted from inner savagery.

Today, in the garden, I was captivated by a strange colony of what appeared to be caterpillars in a cocoon, spanning the edges of my wife's prized weeping mulberry. Observation, the key passed on to us as foundational to hypothesis and conjecture, Aristotle would have it. And what a myriad of mannerisms and types were there, ready to be indexed, analyzed, sorted and spindled out for others to share on cell cam.

Treasures in heaven.

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