Saturday, July 30, 2011

Watching, Watched

Independent learning – not as bad as it seemed when I was younger and more necessary of late. Sifting through various streams of data, layers of common science fleeting and touchstone-like in quality – I hang there between the paragraphs. Halfway through Cecil's it seems a hard thing to press on, some subspecialties not quite ringing a familiar clinical bell. Articles gleaned while pacing the hall on off hours seem the proper program for a man wearing multiple hats.
I have been trying to get a subscription to Up-to-Date. Queen's residents are given a school license (!). After mucking about in other online sources like eMedicine, to which my former Family Medicine preceptor referred in defiance of the Wikipedia trend of neophytes like me, I have been gleaning through various information providers like Skyscape, who charge a per-text usage fee. But when it came down to reading a meaningful piece on PFO, which my son has been charged with, I found the depth of Up-to-Date reassuring.
Now to fine-tune my outward signs of not texting during rounds etc. Do I log into Up-to-Date at a convenient terminal for others to look in over my shoulder? What if I have a patient in my peripheral monitoring and I am pacing the hall for some air momentarily? Might I not apply my finger to my touchscreen and flip through the latest evidence-based guidelines? Perhaps this is foreign to some but with IBM's medbot on the horizon, I am steered back to grow more in the gestalt through gathering of thread.

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