Sunday, February 13, 2011

Remove Recondition Reposition: Future of Tissue and Organ Therapy

What do we do when a faulty valve is removed? Usually after pathology, it is discarded and incinerated...

But what if this invaluable equipment, inasmuch as it is a perfectly integrated factory original, can be recycled?

While a person may sport a prosthetic for awhile, there may be potential to repair the broken part...

New tissue engineering methods permit induction of healing ... cytogenetic repair factors like the crystalloprotein matrix powder they get from pig parts (was it bladders they ground up?) that have been shown to successfully induce regeneration of lost fingertips in live human subjects.

Imagine a future when, as easy as the things kids do in a high school lab today, you remove a bad lung, placeholding it with an artificial say for three months or more, perhaps, before scarring occurs, or as long as it takes for tissue repair. Once the original is restored, pink as new, the mechanical lung is replaced with a genuine restored host part.

Less fussy than harvesting foreign organs with lifelong immunosuppression and cancer, infections, etc, etc.

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