Monday, September 19, 2011

Kekule, eureka

In mapping the brain, scientists suggested that topographically, body parts can be related most intimately.

One might ask along a sort of Eastern trajectory of thought, whether it may be worth mapping out similar relations to other paired structures in the body?

For example, the lungs.  Shrink them a bit, compact into cranium and you have a brain, no less,. with various regions, folds and lobelets.

How would one tag a molecule, insert it into a lobe and then use imaging to see where it ends up, lobelet by lobelet, may there be a pattern, none, is it worth finding out, to sharpen our focus in targeted therapeutics?

So too with kidneys, ovaries, testicles, all paired structures.  One might look for specific vessels going to and fro between specimens, has one begun charting this network of nervelets, venules and arterioles?

What experiment could help delineate this, one would start with the friendly dog I imagine...

Medicine for thought...

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