Thursday, October 20, 2011


A pi-based system of numbers need not refer back to base ten.
Its use is not so linear.  By definition, it is most useful, as with the clock, for sectoring.
In the space age, when there are 8 sectors of space to be explored, the sphere contained in said space will be referred to as pi/8.  It will serve in coordinate systems also.
Since there is a way to use pi in calculations of both circle area and sphere volume, one might suppose this transcendental number is a bridge to the fourth dimension, right?
So the volume in a four-dimension pi-extended supersphere would be like 9.pi^3, and the spacetime contained something like V.t=9/4.pi^4.

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  1. Or, one could instead parse along orbits, don't neglect the asteroid belt either, it fits perfectly with harmonics... maybe we have to reassign numbers to the gas giants then. Mercury - sigma one; venus sigma 2; terra pi 1; mars pi 2; asteroides - pi 3; jupiter pi 4 (seven now rests with him). Golden ratio: 1+2+4. Sun one, sigma too, pi for you get septum.