Monday, October 10, 2011


G                 C   
Africa don’t shed no tears
G                        D
Wonderin at the comforts here
G               C
Am I really better off
D                G
Or should I envy you?

India I pray for you
Thinkin it’s we’re the blessed few
But the light that’s in your eyes
Does all my blessedness despise

China you turn my head (take my breath)
Coz you heal the sick and raise the dead
I’m not too happy with the power of my faith
Could I have a little bit of yours instead?

Chorus:           C                             G             D
I suppose that we’re all the same x 2
                        No my colour brings me no shame
                        I suppose that we’re all the same

Canada well you shelter me
Clothe you feed and all for free
One of these days I’d like to hear you say
Not ours but God’s be the glory

Israel well you was the first
To receive God’s blessing and not the curse
Open your eyes and receive the feast
Of our Lord Yahshua’s mercy

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