Sunday, October 23, 2011

the rational function

the rational function is the summation of all endeavors, which may be classified as Aristotelian, meaning confined to the present set of local 'universals' upon which are predicated base functions describing approximately the said local universe.  But now there is after compressing all such endeavors of course an antithetical function, the irrational function, which describes the set of phenomena where local space time flux permits suspension of said local laws or application of scalar or gaussian spread around a new mean horizon, where man walks on water, where previously only point detail was discernible.  That is to say, we lay hold of the creative fire in the land between wave and particle where neutrinos rip past at infinite speeds and thus hypermassive in relation to our needs... a fishbowl a fishbowl my kingdom for a deuterium fishbowl!


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  1. T'woud seem the hypermassivity of a particle from another universe might be weighed as the sum of forces surrounding it... A universe entire contained in a grain of sand...