Monday, October 31, 2011

spinning top

so if the universe is spinning, as is suggested by the symmetry of galaxy rotations, new studies show, one might ask, what is making the universe spin?

Now we have found antimatter exists in the heavens, we could speculate the collision of these fellows with their matter counterparts creates massive waves (is this having to do with the magnetosphere, the rolling earth in its orbit, any ideas?) which push in all directions.

Observe, if there were in some parts of the universe, say the centre of the spinning top, at the eye of the storm, a huge leftover pool of antimatter from the creation event... this may be what is forcing expansion, if not spin... this may also help in understanding mass deficit equations, perhaps, if not reorganize our view more radically even than that theorem's view.

when antimatter in this giant pool meets at its outer edges with matter, it explodes, forcing the matter out from behind, like billiard balls.  That there is spin, however, remains something of a divine mystery for now...


  1. antimatter, black holes and the end of time...?

  2. If the universe is as the earth in its orbit, all potential multiverses with maxima spinning round in their places, then there again is a higher one round whom the multiverse singeth too!