Thursday, January 26, 2012

To Love

To love is to be strong.  Strong enough to hurt the ones you love in order to make them see and relieve them of their greater hurts.
To love is to listen, to bear the pains that scar the heart, to polish them up and send them back as love.
To love is to exist in a state of trust - free of fears, in order to be able to see clearly.
To love is to be honest at all times with all people, especially with yourself.
To love is to be free from barriers - to be in sync with all things, bathing in an ocean of empathy.
To love is to fulfill a need, more basic than hunger.
To love is to sing with joy and stretch your heart till it tunes in to the voice of the stars.
To love is to be.  To be is to love. 
Without love, there can be no life.

Written  Sept '93

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