Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tesla: Resonance

If we were to follow Tesla's idea of transmitting power without wires, we would need to make use of resonance.  That is, so position or modulate a signal source network to create resonant peaks where power stacks and can be drawn.  This same idea of resonance, if applied on a massive scale, could be applied to direct energy from solar flares or the rotation of the earth into local receptors for distribution.

For safety, a network of receivers would have to allow for grand-scale draws at major maxima preventing disturbance in the neurologically-sensitive bandwidths.  As we already have cell towers and phones, the matriceal sea of calculus to coordinate distribution in a fluctuating point-location environment may be forthcoming.

Definitely worth looking into who's got his notes.  Was it JP Morgan, the USGov, who wants to prevent this from happening?  Maybe safety was the main concern.  Could buff the signal with local shielding.

Now, as for using solar energies, what about pacing a receiver in a tight orbit, near the corona?  Say a diamond continually aimed at the moon or a near-earth receiver.  Definitely a potential energy source for space craft and orbiting things requiring a draw.

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