Monday, March 21, 2011

Mark of the Beast, RFIDs, New World Order

Why hasn't Hollywood put out a movie based on the warning in Revelation, that anyone who takes the mark of the beast, 666, for buying and selling, in their right hand or their forehead, will suffer torment and hell?
Instead, we see more and more steady desensitization to these very technologies on television and in movies: spy heroes getting their hands scanned, and retinal scans... and consequently airports have sneaked it into real life, under the rhetoric of security.

Our own Canadian twenty, for those who live under the illusion that we are somehow free from the taint of One World Order and the coming reign of antichrist, reveals our treasury's complicity with this pernicious but inevitable evil.  Look at the top right hand of any twenty in Canada and see three sets of raised bumps, like die faces, three sets of six dots: 6-6-6.  Sure, they tell us it's for blind people who can't read braille.. like the average canadian is a complete fool.

If anyone cares and has the resources, make a big screen film about the mark of the beast, microchip implants, etc.  The people need a warning, the signs are getting more frequent: wars, rumours of wars, earthquakes... now we need famines and diseases... they are not too far off, it is a play being played out scene by scene.

Resist the mark and you will be labeled a terrorist, an enemy of the state.  But take the mark and sores will break out on your body and the curse of God will damn you to hell for eternity.  It's better to get beheaded than to suffer God's wrath.  Or maybe Christians who are found worthy will escape the great tribulation.  Pray and watch, the time drawing near.

If there is indeed a pole reversal coming next year with the galactic planar transit, the skies could very well melt with a fervent heat, our magnetic shields no longer protecting us from the solar winds.  Don't scoff at the scriptures or prophecy, only a fool would take the broad path.  Be different and live!

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