Saturday, January 29, 2011

Earthians to Migrate to Venus

Although the god of war - mars - looms large in the sky the morning star is the most fertile horizon, according to scripture.

Venus was often thought by classical scientists and theologians to be a paradise like rigel from star trek, replete with winged angels strumming harps around doric columns no less greek than deus ex machena.

That the probes sent there by Russia showed lead-melting temps at the surface, we believe that even as earth was a garden in which the Lord planted the seed of life so will our sister planet one day be so perfectly and lovingly furnished for a new host of colonists.

We dream of a future in our sciences to manipulate gravity itself, to bend space and time and the transcendent function streams forth to light... we ascend as the stardust we are - back to blossom once again in another wood, a dance never grasped entire replenishing from mists undefined, a higher power is all that is required.

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