Monday, January 10, 2011

Dignity of the Human

A cogent argument for the dignity of the human might run something like this:

1. God made us in God's imago
2. As God is perfect and holy, the imago bears some resemblance to this origin

Now an alternate perspective, which may wish to rationalize abortion, would say we are all dust in any case, the soul cannot be put on film (thus far).  You might respond, but such a position is merely an attempt to reduce the responsibility we could thus bear to our high calling.  Is this rational, if so (or not) why?

Perhaps we could outline the last point in more detail.  If the body, in conceptio, claims similar features to the divine, what might these be?  Well, obligation is strained for the well-fed, but save some by duty and others by fire...  Let us use the analogy.  You may perchance come upon a watch in the street.  You pick it up and think "I could use this," and pocket it neat and sweet.  You move on...

The argument from design suggests your valuation of the object, though merely chanced upon in trails abundant with song you may be struck with the idea "I am also here for a reason."  As seasons progress the summit presents itself:  I was made.  MADE!  Joy, not a spark less of life splits her insides and yearns for songs as pure as the hue of distant purple.

The seed is promise of new worlds, the dream more powerful than the drum of sin and call of price to market call it rage rage against the dying of light witness gems surrounded by God's might living loving laughing arching onwards and onwards home.

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