Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Here's some pieces written while I was in seminary...

Who descends upon the eagle but the sun?
Woos a ruler like the Holy One?
To move the stone; dare to pray
And watch as waters fell the gate

 September 11, 2009 01:36PM

The trinity held a conference on the bishops' resolutions
to see if love would be a good solution...
They shook hands and signed a great decree
That life be given those who see
in themselves the enemy.
 September 11, 2009 01:36PM

Shedding our skins
Reason and sins
All washed away in His blood

Friendship and kin
Wrestling within
Placed at the feet of His love

Oh where have they gone
Sinner and song
Betrothed, bequeathed, enough!
 September 11, 2009 01:36PM

O Lord You surround me with grace
From birth to death and beyond.
Though I fail to do what your law says,
Enable me to fulfill your command.
Your grace is the answer, your grace is the key.
Let your grace heal the cancer,
Of my thoughts towards me.
Let your love wash me gently,
Let your love make me pure.
In the grace you have mend me,
For grace is the cure.
 September 11, 2009 01:36PM

Lord You called me into Your light
Covering o'er all my fright
Infused by grace to be made just
Not in human works to trust
Yet calling deeper asked of me
To share in merit and in glory
Though sinner am I and sinner might be
I now take part in redemption story
With Christ o'er all, perfect forever
Full of truth and holiest favour..
 September 11, 2009 01:37PM

O God You have given me a wondrous gift,
Which of my own works I could never merit.
Through grace you have given me new life,
Married me to the eternal Christ.
When I ascribe truth to You,
You fit me with a righteous hue.
Then freely may I do Thy deeds,
Helping all my neighbour's need.
Thy knowledge is a shield for me,
May it ever keep me in peace.
 September 11, 2009 01:37PM

Though my first father sinned and died
In second Adam I am justified.
You called me, Lord, though I knew You not,
Gave me grace, free and co-opt'd.
Your word awakened faith in me,
Turned me turning to set me free.
Your mercy, then, has made me just,
To do good works and thus,
Confirm my call and my election,
Secured through Christ in Your affection.
 September 11, 2009 01:37PM

It may be that I am perfectly made,
Endowed with natural ability.
Or it may be that I need grace,
Added by Your love so free.
Whether grace transcends
Or whether it is immanent,
Grace enables, ennobles me,
Allowing me to be Your friend.
Grace, therefore, it is required,
Send me grace, O noble Sire!
 September 11, 2009 01:37PM

Togetherness, to gather us
Forever Thou and I
Sensual-willed, though caritas
Still beckons to my sky
A millionaire?
A million stars
Burst upon my eye
And Father dare
Call Being ours
Where Thou dost meet the I.
 September 11, 2009 01:38PM

Paper thin
sense and skin
bewilders blinds and beckons

Justice when?
forgive my kin
tho twisted wish to reckon

Believers fair
believers true
believe i me
believe then you?

A martyr's fate
Enlisted late
Believers are not forgotten

 September 11, 2009 01:38PM

I come up from the streets
Raw, abased, full of defeat.
Who will know me?
Who will mark my place?

Genteel and disturbed by gentility
I walk gently along the curb
Searching for my lover
Seeking her as fodder
Seeking her as rain
Come in for forgiveness
Come in thru this pain

My heart astounded, plundered
My furrows in the now
My costumes buckling under
The folly of the proud
Am I yet to be found?
Am I yet to be found?

All guts & glory
Yet no remains
No remains forever
Forever in the found
No remains forever
Forever in the clouds
With You my Lord
Forever in the clouds

Am I stealing thunder
Am I calling now
The pristine and the wonder
Do I my calling doubt?
Am I awaiting victory?
Am I still in defeat?

Are You not forever with me?
In every song I meet?
With victory and flavour
The kingdom's all around
For Jesus has picked me
Therefore I am found
Therefore I am

 September 11, 2009 01:38PM

Go to your husbands
Go to your wives
Keep faith with yourselves
While you're still alive

Justice is coming
Though mercy still rains
Old tunes that we're drumming
Bear fruit tho with pain...
bear fruit though with pain

What jezebel's stolen
(Sweet waters she claims)
Been told where it's goin'
Still couldn't refrain

Am I pharisaical?
Sight colored with pride?
Could you then be prayerful
And stand by my side

Awaken the dawn comes!
And shaken we rise
To pay for what we've done
And hope for the prize

I ask God for wisdom
That I might be wise
that i might be wise
 September 11, 2009 01:39PM

i made myself a stepping stone
so climb upon my head
'scend 'pon it to heaven's throne
you'll find a gentle tread

then laying all your burden there
give up your life, your all
and taking up your ploughing-share
be seeded to the call

someday someone else shall come
to rest upon your stone
as Jesus builds us one by one
into a Spirit-home

This is a poem i wrote for a friend at the loss of her father in 1993...


I will visit you
in wells of solitude
a pilgrim
breath held quietly in my palm
like petals in autumn

You will visit me
when I am singing, unawares
make the world stop
squeeze my soul with a sadder song

Where are you my potter?
I drown in steps you carved for me
Stumble through my lines
Freeze in time.

These are the lyrics to a song i wrote for my wife while we were still just friends

(A D)
Martha Martha why do you run to and fro
See the kingdom here and now
Look on your sister Mary
She has chosen what is right
Come and sit here in the light
Martha Martha why do you run (C A C A)
(A D)
Martha Martha put down your tools
Forget 'bout all the rules
Come and sit I will give you rest
life is a gift and not a test
Martha Martha (C A C A)
(A D)
Martha Martha look at the cross
And count all things as lost
I am the resurrection and the life
You are the church, my wife
Martha Martha (C A C A)

Something i found scribbled in blue highlighting on the back of some lab notes from years ago...

We might discover at last, in the sunset of our relationship, thru the veil of friendship, that what has blossomed between us, without any effort or deliberate movement, is love - not fragile like a rose, but as solid as our years of struggle against one another, and as hearty as the laughter we have now for the laughter which was once so stunted.
Sitting beside her I felt as though she were several miles away... not so much because of the distance of our spirits, but because of the fragility of her voice.

Here's something from years back (gr. 12, 1988)...

The rains will start...
Theirs is an intangible pressure
My arm sweeps faintly across a humid vision-
I left my body on a distant shore
Words I never thought to speak
Form from dryness in my throat:
"What drives me forward
is a consistency which lies behind me."
Vultures tear at webs around my heart,
Soaring higher and farther with my soul
But the image is false-
I cannot grasp the secrets of the universe
Falling inward now, the vision forms...
A shining city of citadels
Borne of freely drifting thoughts
Ringed by frenzied cotton-clouds
Sitting on the hump of an emerald tortoise...
A jeweled tear blurs all at once
Tumbling once more, and toppling there
What once stood firmly implanted; a sentinel
At last true wings form
Flight is knowledge in the glorious sun
And revelation lifts my lids...
A new awakening

(on the flipside of the same tattered page was this...)

Drifting among the lilypads,
She waits
The world is born
Then, scarcely a wink,
And all is dust.
The subject of all her thoughts...
Temptation, frustration
A flickering at the edge of consciousness-
No. It is only the sun, going out.
The old man, in the back of her mind...
Snickering, snickering
The love is false, a house of glass,
Reflecting her own whimsical desires.
But still she waits, in a garden of smiling poppies.
Across the bridge, the universe reawakens, beckons...
All is but a handful of sand beside her jewel.
The river flows past, patterns of life dancing like fairies in her water,
But her shawl is drawn across the eyes.
And now, a stirring in the bush-
He wipes her tears with joy and love,
And together, they dance to the one drummer,
Whose beat is chaos and perfection all at once .

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