Sunday, October 10, 2010

She is Alive

I greet you in the matchless name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I hope you are doing great in His name and for His glory. Today I would like
to share with you about a awesome miracle that happens in the life of a
Christian sister Shama.

Shama will die within 15-20 minutes, doctors told to her husband and
relatives after 22 days in a hospital. She was in coma and continually on
ventilation. It is an amazing and true story about the power of our Lord
Jesus Christ that this lady Shama who is in red suit (I can send you
pictures if you want) was sick and admitted in 7th Day Adventist Hospital
Karachi for 22 days and doctors said she is no more after a few minutes. Go
and do some necessary arrangements to take her dead body to home and bring
ambulance etc because she will die after 15-20 minutes. All of the relatives
started crying and mourning.

Prayer warriors like a young Pastor Nathaniel and his team said “Lord I want
you to show your glory through this miracle, I don’t want to see Satan
laughing”. He and his team were in prayer. I was invited also to come and
pray for her at 11pm and I went in ICU while she was on ventilation.

Now because of the cooperative prayers of many believers the Lord our God
has performed an unexpected miracle and healed her instantly.  Doctors were
surprise to see that how it could happen. Our Lord makes surprise to the
people of this world and no doubt the carnal mind people can not understand
His great and mighty works.

Day before yesterday the family of Shama arranged a great thanksgiving
meeting and asked me to come and preach. It was a huge meeting where around
250 people were gathered. There were testimonies, tears, praising,
happiness, crying and much mix emotions. Shama gave her testimony and every
one was surprised.

Finaly Shama’s brother said to her husband Nadeem and his family that now
our sister Shama is again in red suit as a bride and take her home along
with you now. She is Alive, Heleloya. While I am writing this, there are
tears in my eyes because of the wonderful and awesome works of our Lord and
I praise the Lord who does great and mighty things in our lives. If you want
to see the pictures of this program and Shama then I can send you via
e-mail. May the Lord our God bless you and use you more and more for the
extension of His Kingdom.

Your brother in Him

Naveed Malik

"We went through the fire and water, but you brought us to a place of
(Psalm 66:12)
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