Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The SHoes i was lent

He approached me with a thoughtyful indexing of reflexes, insomniac inanities and winks for asconcers, just to start... "Lenny my boy!" we winced at the nammeries. "Such a right time to be brought blusterinbg down this path two-day!" i brought it up a bit, catching a wery eye, after aLL..

"Guess it doesnt hurt to remember manners" mumser. What would Cloddy have done? Dunno.  Wish i had er ear.  Imagery degrot stubenschafted wrapped self frood the bine. A cracker she chirruped. I found the gravity both above anf below; stowawayed?

Feeders greouping at the foot, allowing it to root in the mind, grope the flesh promisses of liveries undress who spied thisss?

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