Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Hymn

A word from the Lord
Brings Life to the soul-
Cast your cares upon Him.
Do not fear evildoers-
Evildoers fare well for a season,
For a season, no more.

Give all your cares unto God,
He will carry you, fear not.
I cried to God 'gainst a lion,
Justice, in Jesus, appeared.
Kings and servants pay heed-
Love the Lord in deed!

My mind may wander afar from the truth,
Not knowing, not finding rest far from You.
Open the stores of Your treasure-trove,
Proverbs, Psalms, prophets reprove,
Quicken my senses and censure my youth.

Respite for folly,
Salve to my sins,
Teach my Thy wisdom!
Unite me with Him who vowed,
Vowed ne'er to leave nor forsake me,
Whose hand hath mightily waked me.

X-iles return at the sound of Your voice,
Your children, Your 'heritance, Your first choice.
Zion will live, the world will rejoice!

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